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STEM Activity Book: Science Technology Engineering Math: Packed with Activities and Facts

by Vicky Barker, Catherine Bruzzone, Jenny Jacoby, Sam Hutchinson
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SKU: 9781631582646

“STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Whether it’s through mazes, puzzles, quizzes, or other fun activities, this book introduces children to the world around them and will encourage them to embrace a love of these important subjects. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, once overlooked, are now seen by parents and teachers critical subjects in education. For most twenty-first century careers some knowledge of one or more of these topics is helpful or even necessary. The aim of this book is to pique the interest of children in these areas of study, stress the importance of these subjects, and help encourage children who are interested to continue within these fields as they grow and learn. Give your kids a boost up in life. Give them a love of STEM!