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Sticks vs. Stones

by Rosanne L Kurstedt
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SKU: 9781546003939

Best friends discover that working together is more fun than being right in this hilarious picture book about a playdate gone wrong. Sticks or stones? When best friends George and Georgina disagree over which is better, their argument escalates to shouts of “I don’t want to be your friend!” “No, I don’t want to be your friend!”, until two new friends show them a better way. As they argue, George and Georgina build grander and grander structures, resulting in delightfully whimsical depictions of castles and thrones built from sticks and stones. Perfect for kick-starting conversations about considering someone else’s point of view, and packed with wonderfully expressive characters and the humorously overblown emotions of a childhood fight, this picture book makes for a laugh-out-loud story time experience.