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Terror from Beyond the Mirror

by I M Dehd, B Sabo
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SKU: 9781669066910

Mac has always been a loner. After all, it’s hard to make friends when you’re constantly moving. Why would this year be any different? At her new school, though, there’s a rumor that a mirror in the old second-floor bathroom will grant any wish you whisper to it. Believing it to be a cruel prank, Mac is skeptical. But she tries anyway. She wishes for a friend. Unfortunately, the legend is no joke and the thing that lies beyond the mirror wants nothing more than for others to join it in its nightmarish home, forever and ever . . . Will Mac be taken in by the terror or can she find something to bring her back to reality? Prepared to be scared in this chilling chapter book for young readers by the master of misery and fright, I.M. Dehd.