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Try-Again Time

by Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen
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SKU: 9781631986055

Young children learn that they get lots of chances to try again every day. Oops! We all make mistakes. This reassuring book shows toddlers that mistakes are okay and helps them build resilience and independence. “Try-again time is learn-and-grow time. Take it slow . . . Ready–set–GO!” With gentle guidance on how to cope with the big feelings that come with making mistakes, young children are encouraged to think positively about their abilities and to keep trying. A timely addition to the beloved Toddler ToolsⓇ series, Try-Again Time helps young children develop a growth mindset, learn how to persevere, and practice self-regulation skills. The back of the book provides active suggestions and tips for adults to manage try-again time together. “You might need two tries, or three, or MORE . . . that’s what trying again is for!”