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Uh-Oh! It's the Unicorns!

by Igloobooks, Lee Cosgrove
$9.99 Sold Out
SKU: 9781839037702

The town has been turned upside down. Dullsville is changed forever. “The unicorns must leave,” they say. “We’ll face them all together!” In the sleepy town of Dullsville, where life is predictably ordinary, an enchanting twist unfolds as magical unicorns descend, turning the town upside down and infusing it with vibrant colors and enchantment. These whimsical creatures spark a transformation that challenges the status quo, leaving the town’s residents with a choice: embrace the newfound sparkle or resist change. This engaging storybook invites young readers to explore themes of magic, imagination, and the joy of embracing the unexpected. With its padded cover and captivating narrative, “Uh-oh! It’s the Unicorns!” is the perfect choice for a memorable and enchanting storytime experience.