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Ultimate Wizarding World Joke Book: Laugh-Out-Loud Fun for Harry Potter Fans of All Ages

by Jeremy Brown
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SKU: 9781956403381

The worlds of Harry Potter have always been imbued with wry humor and occasional moments of slapstick comedy, in both the books as well as the films. Harry Potter paired with humor is nothing new. But in this big new book of jokes, riddles and puns, Harry Potter hilarity is taken to new heights of broom-powered fun. Inside readers will find more than 500 laugh-inducing entries, perfect for Harry Potter fans happy to have a little fun with their literary favorites. Written by Jeremy Brown, author of the bestselling humor book The Official John Wayne Big Book of Dad Jokes and regular Fatherly columnist, this book also includes recurring special features such as “Who is the funniest person in the Harry Potter universe?”