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Waiting in the Wings

by Emma Walton Hamilton, Julie Andrews, Eg Keller
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SKU: 9780316283083

Inspired by a true event, the tale of a duck family waiting in the wings for their moment in the spotlight–from the #1 bestselling mother-daughter team of musical icon Julie Andrews and author Emma Walton Hamilton! Mr. and Mrs. Puddleduck have found the perfect place to nest: a cozy planter by a theater in a sunny seaside village. While Mrs. P is warming the eggs, Mr. P is drawn to the spellbinding songs, fabulous feathered costumes, and dazzling dances he’s secretly watching during rehearsals. He’s even showing off some fancy new footwork to Mrs. P! But it turns out he’s been learning much more than how to put on a show. When the chicks begin hatching right by the roadside, it takes a chorus line of parading performers–and Mr. P’s clever choreography–to come to the rescue! From the bestselling mother-daughter team musical icon Julie Andrews and author Emma Walton Hamilton comes a delightful story inspired by the true tale of ducklings who stopped traffic and charmed a community, all the way to their splashy grand finale!