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Worst Mascot Ever

by James Preller
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Four friends put their heads together to convince their school to get a new mascot in The Big Idea Gang–an exciting new chapter book series about making a case . . . and making a difference! Quick-thinking third-graders Lizzy, her twin, Connor, and their friends Kym and Deon have a big idea: their school desperately needs a new mascot, and they’ve got the perfect one in mind. Now they have to figure out a way to convince their principal and rally the rest of the school behind them. Luckily, their teacher, Miss Zips (short for Zipsokowski–but who can say that?) is skilled in the art of persuasion. Armed with Miss Zips’s persuasive tips, the gang of four set out to make their claim, build a case for a new mascot, and convince Clay Elementary that Arnold the Armadillo has had his day.