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Zoom! Zoom!

by Lola M Schaefer, Kirk Parrish
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SKU: 9781665951692

Start your engines with this charming Ready-to-Go! Ready-to-Read that’s perfect for young readers with a need for speed! Zoom, zoom! The cars want to race! Who will win first place?
Perfect for kids at the beginning of their reading journeys, this book was written for children who have learned the alphabet and are ready to start reading! And what better way to get kids excited than with a hilarious story with words they can read on their own? Each Ready-to-Go! Ready-to-Read includes a note to parents explaining what their child can expect, a guide at the beginning for readers to become familiar with the words they will encounter in the story and reading comprehension questions at the end. This Ready-to-Go! story contains about 100 words and features twelve sight words, nine rhyming words, eleven bonus words, and repetition to help children reinforce their new reading skills.