Make Reading an Adventure
Make Reading an Adventure

Award-winning book clubs for children ages 0 - 12+

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Spark excitement around reading with the world’s best children’s books, expertly-curated by Literati. Literati is the leading kids book club in America, delivering exceptional books across five book clubs for children 12 and younger. We choose vibrant stories with unforgettable characters that resonate with reluctant readers and advanced bookworms alike.

Your subscription to a Literati book club is a ticket to literary adventure. Each month, you’ll receive a Literati package with five new and unique kids books. Choose the books you want to buy, and return the rest for free. Our kids book boxes provide magical, themed story experiences that set the stage for lifelong learning.

Literati Book Clubs for Kids

We offer 6 different book clubs for children ages 0-12 so that our selections are just-right for your budding reader.

Bookplates included in every box

Book Club Member Benefits

  • + A full week to explore five books per shipment
  • + Free and easy returns
  • + Exclusive artwork by world-famous illustrators
  • + Personalized surprises
Bookplates included in every box

How our Book Clubs Work

Club membership is $9.95 per month plus the cost of any books you choose to keep.

Join the Club
You’ll receive five books in a magical package personalized to your child.
Ready, Set, Read
Explore the books for one week and select your favorites.
Purchase Books You Love
Returns are free. Skip months or cancel any time.

What’s Inside My Literati Box?

5 Age-Appropriate Books

We’re on a constant quest for hidden gems: stories you might not find anywhere else. Each month, you’ll get a vibrant selection of world-class kids books. Our children’s books spark curiosity and help you raise renaissance readers.

Original Art

The illustrations in kids books sweeten the story. That’s why each Literati book box includes an exclusive work of art that complements the books. Each art print arrives ready to frame, so you can build your child’s collection into their first gallery wall.

Personalized Book-cessories

Every package arrives personalized for your child, with a handcrafted note and bookplate stickers. After you’ve chosen the books you want to buy, use the stickers to make them your own!

Illustrators We Work With

We commission the world’s best children’s book illustrators to create exclusive art for every Literati box.

Meet Our Illustrators

Kids Book Illustrator Hall of Fame

We work with the world’s best children’s book illustrators to bring you original art every month.

Who We’re Working With
Illustrated Illustrated Original Artwork by Sandra Dieckmann
All About Literati Pricing

How Much Is Each Children’s Book Box?

For $9.95, you'll receive five delightful books (plus a few surprises) based on a theme like science or friendship.

How Much Are The Books I Choose to Keep?

We match Amazon list price. You only pay for the books you keep. Send the rest back with a prepaid shipping label.

When Will I Be Charged?

Your $9.95 club membership will be charged to your account on the first day of the month. You will be charged for any books you keep after your 7 day return window. You can skip months or cancel your subscription anytime.