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Literati’s Commitment During COVID-19

Dear Literati community, 

We know how much you are taking on right now as parents, being brave and creating a positive environment for your kids. We’ve been giving a great deal of thought to how we can make the greatest positive impact on the world in this moment, as a company and as a community. 

First and foremost, Literati will continue to operate.

With libraries and bookstores shutting their doors in light of COVID-19, we know that home deliveries will be critical in meeting your need for uplifting educational materials. Books, especially, can help create a sense of calm and normalcy for your family right now. We want to honor that. 

Beyond continuing to operate our book service, we are constantly asking ourselves: What else can we do?

First, we’ll be rolling out a series of interactive and fun educational activities you can enjoy from home. In addition to home reading, this can help create a sense of positivity and focus, and provide a much-needed break from the 24-hour news cycle. 

With so many kids out of school, we are also working on programs to get books in the hands of families who don’t have libraries and educational materials of their own. We have set aside over 30,000 of our own children’s books to donate, in addition to the donations you’ve sent us. Keep them coming! We’ll take everything you’re willing to clear out.

It’s time to pull out stories of heroes and heroines, stories of courage and hope, stories of overcoming insane obstacles to remind us that many others have walked the path before us. 

We might be socially distancing right now, but we are certainly not alone.

Yours in love and literature,

Jessica Ewing
CEO, Literati

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