Agent Unicorn

by Jenny Alvarado
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While unicorns usually shimmer and sparkle in the spotlight, Unicorn longs for fame of another kind: he wants to be a cool, case-crackin’ undercover agent, just like his hero, Agent Sparrow. And he’s finally gotten his big break–a job at Agent Goat’s Detective Agency! True, he might be sweeping the floors for now, but it’s one step closer to his dream. When Unicorn intercepts the case of a missing pet bird, he leaps into action! This is his moment to shine–or, erm, sneak. He’s sure he’s ready to be a detective even though he has no actual experience. With the best disguises and coolest gadgets, how hard can it be? But before long, he’ll discover that there’s more to being an agent than sneaky moves and looking cool. He’ll have to track down the humility and heart of a true detective and avoid getting distracted by the annoying bunny that keeps following him–a bunny that might just bear some resemblance to the missing pet–if he ever hopes to officially become Agent Unicorn. Comic fans, unicorn fans, and anyone who’s ever had an improbable dream will love getting wrapped up in this humorous comic adventure about pursuing your dreams with passion and patience.