Literati Book Club Membership

  • All Ages
  • Personalized
  • Flexible
Offer $1.00/ 3 months*

*applies to the first 3 months, afterwards membership will continue to renew at $9.95 / month, plus the cost of books you keep


Discover the personalized monthly book club that delivers a choice of beautiful books, hand-selected for your reader.

Tell us about your reader through our fun curation quiz, and our children’s literature experts will take it from there, sending books selected just for your child. Book curation continually adapts your child’s changing stages and interests as you provide feedback.

How it works: each month, get a box of five books curated to your reader’s stage and preferences (along with personalized nameplate stickers and other bookish extras). Explore the books for seven days, then choose which to buy and which to send back. Pay a discounted price for each book that you keep, and get an extra 5% off for keeping all five! Returns are always free using the box and prepaid shipping label included. Change your shipping cadence or cancel anytime.

We’ll automatically connect your membership to your child’s school, and their library will get 10% of every dollar you spend. In addition to fundraising for your school, you can send back with your Literati returns any gently-loved books that your child has outgrown, and we’ll donate them to children and schools in need.

Questions? Our friendly support team is available to help you every step of the way. Visit to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a monthly membership, you’ll pay the $9.95 membership fee today for your first book box. If you find any books you love in your box, pay a discounted price for each book you keep—and if you keep all 5, get an extra 5% off! Thereafter, we’ll charge your card $9.95 monthly and you keep deciding which books from your box to purchase and which to send back with the prepaid shipping label. Or just enjoy the books for the time you have the box and pay only $9.95 in membership monthly. Cancel anytime.

    For an annual membership, you’ll pay for 12 months of membership up front. That membership fee will be credited to your account for books purchased. Buy the books you love and send back any that you don’t with the prepaid shipping label. Pay for any books you’d like to purchase (once your credit runs out) and return any you don’t, or simply keep the books for the time you have the box. We’ll charge your card yearly for as long as you’re a member. Cancel within 30 days.

  • Upon purchase, you’ll receive an activation email that will allow you to activate your membership through our guided personalization process. We’ll learn about your reader and their preferences and how to best curate books for your boxes.

  • That’s up to you! Each box comes with 5 books that you can purchase or just enjoy for the time you have the box. You’ll get a new box of books when you return your box or complete checkout in the Literati App.

  • If you send back all of the books in good shape, there is no additional charge. If you’d like to keep any, you can purchase them at our guaranteed-to-beat-Amazon prices. There is no obligation to purchase books.

  • We start with their age and reading level to choose books that are just right. Then we factor in topics they like, new genres for them to explore, and which types of books they’ve kept so far. Rating books in the app helps us understand what your reader loves!

  • You can keep a box of books for as long as you want while your subscription is active. You will only receive more books if you return them or decide to purchase them.

  • Shipping and returns are always free. A prepaid return label comes in every box. Just put the books you don’t want back in the box you received, stick the return label on it, and schedule a pickup with USPS. They’ll take it from there.