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Attack of the Krill

by Alexis Frederick-Frost
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SKU: 9780063002067

Meet the coolest new superhero team on Burlap Beach in the first in a series of graphic novels for young readers. Raina the rhino, Nigel the narwhal, Shu the horseshoe crab, and Woolly the mammoth have more in common than the fact that they all have horns. (WARNING: Never try to tell Shu that hers is really more of a tail!) They were also all exposed to a Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse that gave them each strange powers. Now Shu can fly, Raina is lightning quick, Nigel has supersonic sonar, and Woolly, well, he’s extra fluffy. Unfortunately, our heroes aren’t the only ones who were gifted by the eclipse. Now they’ll need to stave off a giant krill monster who was also caught up in the event. If they can’t stop him, it might just mean the end of Burlap Beach, Team Unihorn (and Woolly), and even–gasp!–summer’s tastiest treat, ice cream!