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Can't Get Enough Horse Stuff

by Neil C Cavanaugh
SKU: 9781426373916

Hooray for horses! Jump into the perfect combination of facts, true stories, vibrant photos, and fun stuff all about one of the world’s favorite animals. Horses are popular all over the world, as pets, participants in competitions, farm animals, and more. In fact, they’re one of humankind’s oldest animal companions. This fascinating, fun-filled book introduces you to different horse breeds; how horses became our stalwart companions; life in the herd; adorable foals; horse coloration, markings, and manes; and so much more. For kids who are absolutely obsessed with everything horses, this book has it all: tons of mind-blowing facts, all the breeds, superfun games, hands-on activities, hilarious jokes, and fascinating research. You’ll whinny with delight as you run with the last breed of wild horses, discover new ways horses are helping humans, and meet some of the most incredible and record-setting horses in history. Fancy a ride around the ring? Giddyap! Inside you’ll find: Fascinating facts about horses, plus more than 250 vibrant photographsRoundups of the heaviest, lightest, tiniest, and most massive horse breedsFeatures on surprising horse research and behaviorPersonal accounts from experts studying and working with horsesDetailed diagrams and infographicsHands-on activities you can try at homeQuizzes and games to test your knowledgeHilarious horse jokesFrom telling jokes to impressing family and friends with awesome facts, kids will love sharing what they’ve learned and will want to horse around with this book again and again.