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Case for Christ for Kids (Updated, Expanded)

by Lee Strobel
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With clear facts and answers to the questions kids six to ten ask most, this adaptation of Lee Strobel’s New York Times bestselling and award-winning The Case for Christ uses kid-friendly language, examples, and easy-to-understand information to introduce young readers to the research, eyewitness accounts, and evidence behind the question of whether Jesus really was the savior the Bible promised, and what that answer means for our lives today.Whether they’ve grown up in the church or are encountering faith for the first time, The Case for Christ for Kids is the perfect resource to answer their most asked questions about Jesus. Adapting the ideas from The Case for Christ, inside kids 6-10 will discover: An introduction to the historical evidence, expert testimonies, extensive research, and scientific proof that back up what the Bible saysAnswers for why Christians believe what they doKid-friendly stories and examples that make the facts easy to understandWays to talk to other people about Jesus and share what they knowThe Case for Christ for Kids: Is a solid source of information that looks at all sides of the issue to present solid evidence behind each conclusion and fact about the Christian faithHas illustrations and callout graphics to make the topics engaging for kids six and upIs an excellent resource for Sunday schools, church libraries, and homeschoolingPairs with Case for Christ for Kids 90-Day Devotional, which expands on the themes of The Case for Christ for Kids to apply those truths to late elementary and middle school kids’ everyday livesThis book can be used on its own or alongside The Case for a Creator for Kids, The Case for Faith for Kids, The Case for Grace for Kids, and The Case for Miracles for Kids to help children with faith development and answer questions they wonder about most.