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Case for Christ Student Edition: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

by Lee Strobel
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Is Jesus really the Son of God, the Messiah? Lee Strobel wasn’t so sure. So, he decided to use his award-winning journalistic skills to investigate Jesus and prove once and for all if all the claims about him are true. The Case for Christ Student Edition adapts Strobel’s New York Times bestselling book to present hard-hitting findings as well as Lee’s journey from skepticism to belief in an easy-to-follow manner so you can make a decision about Jesus for yourself.The Case for Christ Student Edition: Written for children ages 12 and olderPresents the arguments for and against Christianity teens and young adults often ask and encounter so they can see the real factsUses logic and solid information to examine why Christians believe what they doCan also be used in the classroom, in group studies, or as part of a religious studies or comparison classContains infographics and charts to make the facts clearPairs well with The Case for a Creator Student Edition, The Case for Faith Student Edition, The Case for the Real Jesus Student Edition, and The Case for Miracles Student EditionLee Strobel’s research provides: Scientific data, expert testimonies and interviewsCross-religious comparisonsHistorical and archeological proofs he discovered during his investigationThe conclusion he finally came to about Christianity that changed his life foreverThere’s historical proof a guy named Jesus walked on the earth but was he really performing miracles? Did he actually rise from the dead? And was he truly the prophesied savior he claimed to be? Lee Strobel found it all hard to believe, and his doubts led him to ask the tough questions and dig into the real evidence to see if the Bible’s claims and Jesus’s words were true.