Emily's Cupcake Magic!

by Coco Simon, Manuela Lopez
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Katie Brown’s stepsister starts at a new school and discovers her own way to bake in this first book in the Cupcake Diaries: The New Batch chapter book series, the little sister series to the bestselling Cupcake Diaries. Includes black and white illustrations throughout and eye-catching glitter on the cover! Emily Green has to switch to a new school while her old one is being renovated, and she’s devastated when her friends get assigned somewhere else, leaving her totally alone. When she recognizes a girl from her old school, she at least has someone to sit with at lunchtime. But just as Emily is getting comfortable, her school announces a baking contest. Emily has baked before with her stepsister, Katie Brown, who’s well-known for starting the Cupcake Club–but does Emily really want to live in Katie’s shadow? She’s feeling nervous until Katie advises her to bake cupcakes “The Emily Way,” and Emily starts to realize there’s room for two star bakers in their family!