Fortune Tellers

by Lisa Greenwald
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets That’s So Raven in bestselling author Lisa Greenwald’s charming middle grade novel about three recently separated best friends who discover the paper fortune tellers they made in third grade are the key to staying close through middle school. What if your fortunes really came true? Once upon a time, Millie, Nora, and Bea were best friends who loved slumber parties, exploring their Manhattan neighborhood, and making fortune tellers with their Magic Markers. Now, in the summer before seventh grade, they haven’t spoken in over a year–thanks to a big fight, the pandemic shutting down their school, and each girl moving away for different reasons. The girls routinely check each other’s social media, but none of them can muster the courage to reach out, even if they might want to. Then their long-ago paper fortune tellers start popping up in the most unexpected places. The fortunes carry some eerily accurate wisdom for each girl: Your future is hidden in your past. Hold on to the memories. Go back to where you started. Could this be the push the girls need to reconnect and reunite? Or is the gap between them too wide to mend?