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How to Beat Minecraft - Extended Edition

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With Minecraft still the most popular children’s videogame title worldlwide, this expanded and updated edition of How to Beat Minecraft contains absolutely everything a player could possibly need to know about how to finish the game in single-player survival mode.

Starting from the very first moment you begin the game in a completely new world, the book will show you the best methods for mining, crafting and creating a shelter, then lead you through farming, making enchanted objects, interacting with villagers, and exploring. Finally, you’ll learn how to enter the dangerous world of the Nether and survive there, and how to beat the Ender Dragon and complete the game. It’s packed full of info on the very latest completely new elements in Minecraft, including pillagers, pandas, shipwrecks and more.

New additions to this edition include biomes like mangrove swamps, the Deep Dark, ancient cities, and mobs including tadpoles, frogs and the ominous Warden. This epic book has everything that a player needs to beat Survival Mode and become a Minecraft champion!