I'll Be There

by Rosalind Beardshaw, Karl Newson
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A heart-warming celebration of parental love that follows baby animals as they explore the world. In this calming, rhyming picture book, a little polar bear wobbles on ice floes, a tiny tiger cub learns to roar, and an owlet faces a fear of the dark. Who will be there to help them? Why, their daddy or mommy, of course! Whatever wonderful, tricky, or exciting moments the world has in store for these baby animals, they know that they will be supported in everything they do. Little ones will love joining in with the animal noises and the reassuring refrain, before snuggling up with their parent for the soothing bedtime ending. Written by Karl Newson, whose stories have been translated into 27 languages, and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, winner of the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award.