Jumbo Book of Amazing Mazes

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Perfect for kids 6-9, this jumbo book is packed with more than 175 colorful mazes of various types and levels of challenge. In addition to irresistible traditional mazes, young super solvers will enjoy untangling string mazes, tackling code-word mazes, quiz mazes, number-logic mazes, riddle mazes, and more! Fun puzzle themes including animals, sports and space will keep kids engaged while they improve their visual perception, reasoning skills, fine motor control and concentration. Along with mazes, this 256-page puzzle book is filled with fun and humorous Highlights illustrations that kids know and love. Kids love a challenge, and completing mazes gives them a feeling of accomplishment with every puzzle solved. Each activity is designed to keep puzzlers busy for hours, providing a perfect on-the-go activity for kids whether in a waiting room or the car. Developed by the puzzle experts at Highlights, each activity is thoughtful, well-constructed and visually appealing to bring kids meaningful benefits and maximum fun.