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K-Pop Style: Fashion, Skin-Care, Make-Up, Lifestyle, and More

by Dianne Pineda-Kim
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Everything About the Fashion and Style of Korean Pop Music Step up and join the K-Pop revolution now! K-Pop, Korea’s infectious and high-energy pop music scene, features fashionable and talented singers and eye-popping visuals. Now you too can learn to dress and style yourself just like the top K-pop artists you love! In this beautiful, photo-filled book, you can read about the influence and inspiration behind a variety of K-Pop artists’ clothing and makeup styles from both their street styles and their most popular music videos and concert tours. Study the full-color photos to get the look and street styles of your favorite K-Pop solo artists and groups, both female and male, including: BTSG-Dragon (GD)RainJessica JungEXOCL (Chaerin Lee)BLACKPINKRed VelvetTWICEAnd MANY More!! With K-POP Style, you’ll discover how to achieve the best outfits and makeup styles of your favorite K-Pop performers and turn heads wherever you go!