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Mayhem on Wheels

by Dan Abdo, Jason, Jason Patterson
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SKU: 9781250829351

Blue, Barry, and Pancakes are best friends! They love roller skates, inflatable rubber ducks, and going on HIGH VELOCITY adventures! After a series of wacky mishaps, Blue, Barry, and Pancakes find themselves inside a Roller Duck Ball stadium. Forced to compete in this nonsensical yet highly popular sport, the gang discovers a natural talent for the game. Soon enough, they find themselves hurtling towards athletic stardom! As endorsement deals and branded merchandise offers pile up, will our heroes be able to stay humble and hold onto their friendship? Or will the pressures of fame and success tear them apart?! Like all friends, Blue, Barry, and Pancakes can make mistakes . . . but at the end of the day, they always have each other’s backs. And tops, and sides, and fronts, too!