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Minecraft Master Builder: Ancient Wonders (Independent & Unofficial)

by Sara Stanford
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This fun, accessible unofficial guide is filled with detailed instructions on making fabulous ancient world structures in Minecraft. It includes 13 different structures from Ancient Greece, Egypt, China and the Americas, with everything from the Great Wall of China to the Colossus of Rhodes. There are even instructions for an epic build of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. Builds range in difficulty, so there’s something for every reader to get creating right away. Plus, every section is filled with fun facts about each ancient culture, helping to turn historical information into amazing interactive play. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn and create at the same time – or for anyone who just loves making the most awesome Minecraft builds. Fromthe book: Takea look at this striking statue of the Greek sun god, Helios. Known as theColossus of Rhodes, the bronze statue stood in a busy harbor and was designedby Chares of Lyndus. It was built in 280 BC on the Greek island of Rhodes, andit took 12 years complete! Sadly, the 33-meter-tall masterpiece was destroyedin 226 BC by an earthquake.