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Murder on the Baltimore Express: The Plot to Keep Abraham Lincoln from Becoming President

by Suzanne Jurmain
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SKU: 9781499814316

Someone wants to murder Abraham Lincoln! This thrilling, true story reveals how a deadly plot to assassinate the President was discovered and how a daring detective whisked Lincoln to safety, changing the course of history. Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best books of 2021 (#cplbest)!”A perfect example of excellent narrative nonfiction and a must-have.” -School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW “Interesting, well-researched, and very well done.” -Kirkus Reviews “As Jurmain points out in her thoroughly documented biographical thriller, it was a dangerous ride….The train ride that brought Lincoln home in 1865 has received more attention, but readers may find this one just as memorable.” -Booklist
In February 1861, Abraham Lincoln set out on a triumphant 2,000 mile cross-country railroad trip that would take him from his home in Springfield, Illinois, to his presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. But danger was around the bend, as a band of fanatic southern Confederate sympathizers were desperate for Lincoln to die. Furious at the new president’s desire to end slavery, they devised a plan. Lincoln would be murdered by an assassin’s bullet in Baltimore. As rushing railway trains carried Abraham Lincoln towards disaster, Detective Allan Pinkerton sniffed out the plot-and he and his detective assistants hatched a daring plan of their own. Dive into this incredibly fun and suspenseful true story, and learn about Lincoln’s great escape!