School Is Full of Superheroes

by Michael Dahl, Omar Lozano
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SKU: 9781684363285

DC Comics’ Greatest Superheroes celebrate teachers, librarians, cafeteria workers, and other heroic school figures in this superpowered picture book. Where in the universe do the most powerful heroes assemble? School, of course! In this action-packed picture book, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC Comics superheroes mirror the heroic tasks of real-life school figures. A principal leads their school toward a common goal, just like Aquaman commands his schools of sea life. A teacher demonstrates compassion with the same energy as the Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman. School custodians clean classrooms with the lightning-quick speed of The Flash. Written by award-winning author Michael Dahl, this powerful picture book is a Thank You to essential school workers, showcasing their everyday heroism. The perfect Teacher Appreciation gift or an inspiring read-aloud for any young student.