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Secrets Out!

by Johanna Wright, Julie Sternberg
SKU: 9781629798912

In this second book in the Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine series, ten-year-old Celie’s grandmother has moved in with her family, and Granny’s forgetfulness is starting to worry Celie. In the meantime, Celie can tell her parents are keeping secrets, but she can’t talk to her best friend, Lula, or her sister, Jo, because they’re both keeping secrets, too! Why isn’t Lula sharing with Celie? Who is Jo texting all the time? And what is Celie supposed to do when special time with her grandmother becomes much more complicated–and possibly dangerous–than Celie can manage on her own? Once again, Celie turns to her diary as she tries to sort this all out, filling the pages with humorous, heartfelt entries, notes, drawings, and pages from her top-secret spy notebook.