Shark in the Park

by Ellen Potter, Sara Cristofori
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Cordelia and the squirrel prince embark on a quest to find a lost treasure in this thrilling second installment of the “sweet and silly” (Booklist) Squirlish series perfect for fans of Sophie Mouse and Critter Club! Can there really be a shark in Central Park? Cordelia is a human girl raised by squirrels in Central Park. She’s famous among the squirrels, but it’s still a surprise when the squirrel queen summons her to Belvedere Castle. The queen wants Cordelia to protect the shark-obsessed Prince Oliver as he goes on a quest to find the missing Royal Scepter. But Cordelia and Oliver soon run into trouble. This is the first time Oliver has left the castle, and he is super excited. He ignores the dangers lurking everywhere, from skateboarders to super-slippery slides–to a scheming pirate! And the prince would much rather find a shark than a scepter. Can Cordelia even keep up with him, let alone keep him safe? Will Cordelia get the prince to complete his mission and deliver him back to Belvedere Castle in one piece?