Super Dweeb and the Pencil of Destiny

by Jess Bradley

  • Paperback

ISBN: 9781398802452


Andy wishes that he had *awesome powers*, like the heroes of his home-made comic stories. But instead, he’s stuck in the real world, where he has an annoying little brother, a super-weird teacher … and everyone says he’s a total dweeb.
Then one day, he discovers an oversized, glowing pencil on a school trip to the local toxic waste dump. He starts sketching and finds that he can redraw reality.
Now, thanks to the power of doodling, Andy can bring to life anything that he can imagine, erase his problems, and doodle his way of sticky situations. He’s not just a dweeb … he’s a SUPER DWEEB! Even Mona, the ice-cool new girl at school, seems impressed.
But there’s a twist in the tale.. because everything goes very wrong when little brother Oscar does some doodling of his own. Now there’s a scribble monster on the loose! Run for it, Andy!
The first of the hilarious new Super Dweeb series, this unpredictable, anarchic adventure story will have kids rolling on the floor. Featuring comic-strip-style storytelling in full-color, this chapter book is perfect for readers aged 7-9.

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