Unicorn Food: Natural Recipes for Edible Rainbows

by Sandra Mahut
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This is not a book on how to feed your pet unicorn a healthy diet. But unicorns have magically inspired each of the 32 all-natural recipes in this book, from the show-stopping Unicorn Cake and Cosmic Donuts to Rainbow Veggie Sandwiches and Celestial Swirl Soup. Add technicolor sparkle to your sushi and fairytale magic to your mocktails. It’s all deliciously natural–no nasty additives or preservatives–just beautiful food colorings made from berry juices and vegetables. All ingredients are straightforward and easily sourced! Astound and delight your family, friends, followers, and kids with these and more spectacular dishes: Croque-Unicorn, a grilled sandwich of rainbow cheeseVeggie Noodle Bowl of colored noodles and a rainbow of star-shaped vegetablesRainbow Pancakes topped with melted white chocolate and sprinklesUnicorn Macarons sporting fondant hornsUnicorn Milkshakes with twisted marshmallow archesBrightly colored, not too serious, and equal parts whimsical and practical, Unicorn Food is shared experience. Create the most unbelievably Instagrammable dishes ever seen. Cook, post, and enjoy–the treats and the likes. Everyone will be drooling over your pastel masterpieces.