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Unicornios Contra Goblins / Unicorn vs. Goblins

by Dana Simpson
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¡El tercer libro de la espectacular historia protagonizada por Cloe y su unicornio! ¡Han llegado las vacaciones! Cloe y su mejor amiga por accidente descubren que el verano tiene preparadas muchas sorpresas para ellas. Juntas continúan sus aventuras en la agencia de investigaciones, pasan una semana en el campamento de verano de música y se ven involucradas en muchas aventuras tan divertidas como siempre. Además de sus alocadas ocurrencias, Cloe y su unicornio descubren que su amistad es la segunda cosa más mágica del mundo, después de la extrema belleza de Caléndula, por supuesto. ¡Una amistad mágica y un verano de lo más divertido! ENGLISH DESCRIPTION Not every kid skips a rock across a pond and winds up with a unicorn best friend, right? The popular friendship of Phoebe and Her Unicorn is back for a third collection of adventures so heavenly they had to be shared. School’s out! That means no more teachers, no more books, and lots of time to compliment Marigold Heavenly Nostrils on her good looks. In this third volume, Phoebe and her obligational best friend, Marigold, learn that summer still has plenty of surprises for the both of them. All of our old friends are back–Phoebe’s part-time “frenemy” Dakota, upon whom Marigold has bestowed sentient hair, Phoebe’s goofy parents, and even Lord Splendid Humility (but please, ignore his magnificence if you can)! Have fun as Phoebe and Marigold continue the “Phoebegold Detective Agency,” spend a week at Wolfgang Music Camp, and find themselves in more misadventures, thanks to Marigold’s enchanted sparkles! Along the way, Phoebe makes some new friends, such as Sue–her unique clarinet-playing bunkmate, Florence Unfortunate Nostrils, Marigold’s estranged sister, and Camp Wolfgang’s lake monster who enjoys tacos and Wi-Fi. When school resumes, read along as Phoebe enjoys (or suffers from) a brief case of popularity, mentally catalogs her grievances against dodge ball, and, with Marigold’s help, rescues Dakota and her hair from the queen of the goblins. Through these wacky adventures, Phoebe and Marigold learn that their friendship is the second most magical thing of all, after Marigold’s beauty, of course. Includes an introduction by Cory Doctorow and his daughter Poesy!