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Visual Timelines: World History: From the Stone Age to the 21st Century

by Anne Rooney, Violet Tobacco
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SKU: 9781398841499

This book is a time machine! It will take curious young readers on a thrilling ride through the history of humanity, from the invention of the wheel to the information revolution-a true-life tale full of twists and turns, unforgettable people, and unexpected revelations. Packed with beautiful illustrations, this visual guide sets out information chronologically, in a concise and clear manner. This is a great way for readers to discover the history of humanity, or to reinforce their understanding by putting facts in context and developing a sense of chronology and perspective. – Why we stopped hunting, and became farmers- The origins of money- The emergence of cities- The rise and fall of empires- The industrial revolution- How modern technology has reshaped the planet in humans’ image An illuminating read for young people aged 8+.