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Where's the Unicorn Now?: A Magical Search Bookvolume 2

by Paul Moran, Sophie Schrey
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SKU: 9781454934042

The seven unicorns of Rainbow Valley are back–and on a big adventure! Can you find them in every scene, from the bright lights of Broadway to the excitement of Rio’s carnival? Unicorns love playing hide-and-seek . . . and they’re asking eagle-eyed kids to join the game! Come along and try to spot every one of these magical animals–Ruby, Blossom, Starburst, Leaf, Snowflake, Luna, and Amethyst–as they go on a world tour. The 17 different fabulous destinations range from London, Paris, and Venice to Giza, Egypt, and Santa Cruz, California. You’ll even visit a movie set and go under the sea! Fans of the first Where’s the Unicorn? will have just as much fun with this follow-up. All the answers are in the back, along with a “Spotter’s Checklist” of additional things to find.