Wildlife Watcher Guide: Animal Tracking - Photography Skills - Fieldcraft - Safety - Footprint Indentification - Camera Traps - Making a Blind

by Dr Meriel Lland, Dr Michael Leach
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This book provides essential advice on how to track, observe and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat. Practical chapters are interspersed with Question and Answer spreads that give a glimpse into the adventures of real-life wildlife photographers. Wildlife Watcher Guide is organized into seven chapters, beginning with how to prepare for an expedition and an introduction to tracking, such as looking for spoor (such as footprints, broken twigs, ‘scat’). The six chapters that follow cover wilderness habitats — woodland; savannah; rainforest; polar regions; underwater; and gardens, parks and cities — and describe special considerations when exploring these areas. Professionals with decades of experience in wildlife observation give their top tips on: How to watch wildlife unseen How to track animals using footprint identification and identifying signs of recent activity How to prepare for dangerous expeditions How to track safely at night The essential photography skills and equipment Fieldcraft (camera traps, making a hide, knowing the behavior and habitat of the animal, best time of year/best time of day, telephone lenses, night-time tracking, and more). Wildlife Watcher Guide overflows with valuable information presented in colorful illustrations and clear text. It is excellent for budding wildlife naturalists and photographers.