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The Best Books for Fourth Graders

Fourth grade is all about figuring out how the world works: piecing together information from the environment and making sense of cause and effect. Great books at this stage will fuel curiosity and problem solving, while challenging their command of language. Some titles can also help your reader understand literary devices like metaphor and symbolism, as they start to wrap their heads around more abstract concepts. 

Fantastic books for fourth graders also need to be a whole lot of fun. Capturing a reader’s attention is no small feat—your reader needs excitement, intrigue, and hands-on engagement. To help you find those just-right reads, we’re sharing titles that cleverly combine educational and entertaining elements. Here are a few reading adventures they’re sure to love:

Book cover for The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB

The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB

by Adam Shaughnessy

Classic mythology, meet contemporary mystery-solving. This delightful, race-to-the-finish read is everything we want from a young-reader mystery novel: clever, satisfying, and intriguing to the last page. Packed with Norse and Russian mythology, this fantasy is a major departure from your average middle-school whodunnit—a little bit of genre-blending can go a long way for a budding bookworm!

Book cover for Pashmina


by Nidhi Chanani

Priyanka has a lot of questions about her family’s past, but her mother refuses to answer them. One day, Pri finds a magical pashmina that transports her to a mysterious world. Is this the key to her family’s history—or something more sinister? This graphic novel is a beautiful story about juggling two cultures. Not only can it mesmerize any young reader, but it’s packed with lessons in empathy and creative inspiration.

Book cover for The Good Thieves

The Good Thieves

by Katherine Rundell

It’s 1920s Manhattan. A crooked real estate mogul has stolen Vita’s grandfather’s mansion. But Vita has hatched a plan—break into the mansion, take back what’s rightfully theirs, and expose the villain. With complex emotions of justice, hope, and grief, this enthralling story helps fourth-graders learn more about their world, and develop a love for independent reading.

Book cover for Write Your Own Story Book

Write Your Own Story Book

By Louie Stowell

Sometimes all a curious storyteller needs is a springboard! Write Your Own Story Book is a guided workbook to get every rookie wordsmith excited about writing. With whimsical illustration and engaging prompts, readers can channel their inner Shakespeare and learn the foundational skills to go above and beyond as writers.

Book cover for Copycat Science

Copycat Science

By Mike Barfield

Turns out you don’t need impressive gray facial hair to feel like Einstein or Darwin for an afternoon. Grab your lab coats and protective goggles, this graphic novel-style guide lets your reader step into the shoes of famous scientists and recreate experiments at home! This informative, interactive read can help nurture a budding interest in STEM, but comes packed with facts to excite young history buffs, too!

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There you have it—a handful of stories that can help fourth graders continue on their reading journey with confidence. While these books are undeniable crowd favorites, the very best books for your child probably won’t come from a list. Literati curates books on an individual basis—Literati readers get a box of books that’s as unique as they are.

With Literati’s personalized kids book clubs, you’ll never have to worry whether your bookshelf is suited to support your child’s progress. Instead, you’ll get a box of books that match their reading level, align to their interests, and expand their love of learning. Take the Literati personalization quiz, and Literati’s curation experts will get to work finding extra-enriching books—stories your child simply won’t want to put down.

Authored by Charlie DeTar
October 6, 2022
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