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Stephen Curry's Book Club is Underrated

We read creative nonfiction stories about people who transcend expectations.

We read creative nonfiction stories about people who transcend expectations.

About the Club

Club Underrated is an exploration of what it means to break barriers. We read and discuss powerful books about family, sports, and inspiring achievements—stories about people who've defied the odds to achieve true greatness.

Stephen Curry is an NBA basketball player for The Golden State Warriors. Overlooked as an undersized player in high school, Curry amped up and ascended, becoming The NBA's first MVP by unanimous vote—in history.

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What kind of books does Stephen Curry pick for his book club?

The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore

Two boys named Wes Moore were born two blocks apart in the same year in Baltimore. One grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar and a business leader. One ended up a convicted murderer serving life without parole. This book asks the profound question: Why?

A Most Beautiful Thing by Arshay Cooper

When your life seems pre-determined by your circumstances, you have to take chances to take control. This is the true story of young men who came upon a chance—and in taking it, changed a sport, and their lives, for the better.

A Team of Their Own by Seth Berkman

Two weeks before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, the North and South Korean governments made an unprecedented decision to field a unified women's ice hockey team. This true story is a victory for teamwork and the unifying power of sports.

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Troop 6000 by Nikita Stewart

Finding hope in the face of hopelessness—it seems impossible, but there are those who show us it’s imperative. When a young, homeless mother of five decides to found a Girl Scout troop, her spark of good ignites the fire of hope for a community of overlooked girls. Troop 6000 will show you what it means to overcome the odds in the most unlikely of places.

Literati membership is $25 a month. Annual members save 20%!

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I’m excited to launch a book club that is inclusive of diverse perspectives from women, people of color, and other underrated voices.

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