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Baeoh and the Bully

by Ethen Beavers, Jeffrey Nodelman, Taekwon Lee

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Break out your uniforms and tie your belts! In this Team Taekwondo graphic novel for kids, it’s time to tackle bullying! ATA Team Taekwondo class clown Baeoh is excited for the dojo’s Buddy Day! Normally, bringing a buddy to class would be all fun and laughs. But with a new bully in his life who won’t leave him alone, Baeoh doesn’t feel much like a buddy. Worse yet, he may be turning into a bully himself. Can Baeoh figure out how to turn this tough situation into a win? Baeoh and the Bully tackles how to deal with class bullies in a positive way. With plenty of humor and insight into the struggles children face, this installment is sure to be a fan favorite–passed from one reader to another.