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Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora's Galactic Showdown

by Marvel Press Artist, Brandon T Snider
SKU: 9781484732137

Life with the Guardians of the Galaxycan be exhausting. That’s why Gamora is taking time off to track down anitem from her past, a mystery box that once belonged to her adoptive father, the mad titan Thanos. As a child, Gamora dreamed that whatever was inside that box might take her far away from the madness she was experiencing at home. The box went missing for years but now it’s back and Gamora must track it down before her evil sister Nebula does. In order to find it, Gamora enlists the help of Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer and a few old friends. Together they take off on a race through space, confronting the past to save the future. In the end, Gamora realizes that true family aren’t always the people you’re related to, they’re the friends and allies that always have your back.