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The Best Books for Second Graders

Second graders are like tiny explorers, surveying their surroundings and questioning the unfamiliar. Seven and eight-year-olds learn more about the world by the second, and the right books can play a big part in expanding their empathy and understanding as they navigate these new environments. Great books at this stage will also support their reading comprehension and help boost their reading confidence. As their reading skills develop, they’ll be less reliant on pictures to understand a story, and may even venture into solo reading territory! 

There are plenty of fantastic titles out there for second graders, but some of the very best ones will push their reading skills, keep them engaged, and have them coming back for more. Here are a few of Literati’s top picks for second graders:

Book cover for Flower Talk

Flower Talk

by Sara Levine

Fun fact: flowers do more than sit still and look pretty. In the floral world, color is actually a powerful language. While it may be a few years until your little one learns all about the plant life cycle, this book is rich with STEM concepts that can encourage an interest in the natural world. Flip through these amazingly-artistic pages with your little reader and learn how to speak “flower” for yourself! Then it’s time for a nature walk.

Book cover for Memoirs of a Hamster

Memoirs of a Hamster

By Devin Scillian

The leave-you-in-stitches follow-up to Memoirs of a Goldfish, this is the story of Seymour the hamster and his insane adventures with humans and house cats alike. As your second grader gets more comfortable remembering story sequence and reading aloud, this whimsical and giggle-inducing story is the perfect challenge to help usher them into solo reading.

Book cover for We’re All Works of Art

We’re All Works of Art

By Mark Sperring

This book takes an artful approach to teaching lessons of self-acceptance. As your second grader’s awareness of themselves and others grows, they’ll surely benefit from a reminder that it’s wonderful to be different. This story is full of abstract illustrations that embrace everyone’s own originality. A brief introduction to different styles of art in this book can also encourage your little ones’ creative side!

Book cover for Lovely Beasts

Lovely Beasts

By Kate Gardner

Within these boldly-illustrated pages lies an invaluable lesson: never judge a creature by its fur, teeth or creepy-crawly scales. Bite-sized facts about even the “scariest” animals will restore your little reader’s compassion for the world around them, as this lovely read teaches important lessons about how we judge others at a glance. Second graders will love this fact-filled journey into the natural world, with text that’s simple to read, and super fun to share!

Book Cover for Laugh Out Loud Ultimate Jokes for Kids

Laugh-Out-Loud Ultimate Jokes for Kids

By Rob Elliott

What second grader doesn’t love to laugh? This book is jam-packed with jokes, puzzles, and goofy games to help your reader get acquainted with humor. This 2-in-1 collectible copy combines Laugh-Out-Loud Awesome Jokes for Kids and Laugh-Out-Loud Road Trip Jokes for Kids into one side-splitting book. Rob Elliott includes tried-and-true jokes (think chickens crossing roads) with brand-new iterations, making this book a hilarious must-have for every household.

Book cover for National Parks of the U.S.A. Activity Book

National Parks of the USA

By Kate Siber

National Parks of the U.S.A. stuns with glossy, realistic illustrations that will introduce your child to diverse landscapes and animal species they might not realize are in our very own backyard! And they aren’t just pretty to look at—your child will learn facts they can remember and recite back. This book includes a crossword of predators, a bird word search, spot-the-difference games with insects, a pull-out poster map, and dozens of stickers. Safe to say there’s hours upon hours of fun to be found in this book—no travel necessary!

With enriching new books in the home, you’ll be surprised to see how many new words your second grader can learn and sound out on their own! Keeping their reading development on track means introducing new challenges that are just-right for their level (and hold their attention with engaging stories). 

With a Literati kids book club membership, you’ll never have to worry about introducing the right skills at the right time. Literati curators personalize every box of books to fit your child’s precise reading level and interests, so that they can progress at their own pace with confidence. 

Take the personalization quiz, and start your child’s book club with us. Our literacy experts tailor each book box to your reader’s pace and interests. Discover hidden gems off the bestseller lists, help improve vocabulary, and foster your child’s reading confidence.

Authored by Charlie DeTar
October 8, 2022
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