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How To Get Your Child To Explore Different Genres

It’s common for kids to attach themselves to one particular topic: bugs, trains, princesses, horses, dinosaurs, and the like. Similarly, they can become fond of one particular book genre. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, as we parents couldn’t be happier to see them reading enjoyably! 

But you might be wondering how to open up your little learners’ minds and hearts to additional genres of books for kids. After all, every genre offers a unique learning experience and opportunity to build cornerstones of their future education. 

Your child won’t miss out on a single learning opportunity on our watch. Take a look at our top 7 easy ways to help your child explore—and adore—different types of books.

1. Share your own favorites

You likely know by now that your child looks up to you—a lot. When they see you pick up a book about Native American history or a thrilling whodunit with an outspoken heroine, their intrigue is likely to pique. Sharing your own favorite genres with your child can make a wonderful bonding moment and excite them about topics they never considered for themselves. (Plus, what better way to train your mini co-detective?)

2. Make it a positive experience

Try your best to make exploring new genres an exciting adventure, rather than a divergence from something they love. It’s better to naturally inspire curiosity about other topics while reassuring them that trains are still the hands-down coolest things ever. Just help them to understand that it’s a big world—which means lots of other fascinating marvels to discover. If your reader is totally jazzed about reptiles, try choosing a book with reptiles plus a hoard of other creatures and characters!

3. Introduce unfamiliar concepts

When we consider a book about, say, a geologist hunting for fossils, we might think “my 3-year-old has no idea what a geologist is. Or fossils. He won’t get it.” Flip that idea on its head and remember that it’s beneficial to expose your reader to new concepts! If the book doesn’t help them connect the dots, they’ll ask you follow-up questions that you can discuss with them later and watch the learning unfold right before your eyes.

4. Diversify the characters

Introducing new genres of books for kids also presents the opportunity to expose their minds to character diversity. Choose books with various protagonists of different ethnicities, genders, professions, and personalities. People that look like your child might help them identify and engage with that character’s interests. People that don’t look like them will prepare them for a beautifully diverse and compelling world.

5. Dust off the comic books

Your child will somersault with glee when they find out that there are picture books for adults, too! If your child is an especially visual learner, or they gravitate toward books with illustrations, unbox that collection of classic comic books and share away. Try introducing comics or graphic novels with subjects outside their usual suspects. If they gravitate toward fiction, show them the cinematic universe of Superman, Wonder Woman, or Captain America.

6. Paint new pictures with TV

How is TV supposed to help a kid explore more books? We know, we know—but hear us out. The immersive experience of a movie or TV series might help kids wrap their minds around unfamiliar genres. On paper, a mystery might seem confusing or overwhelming. But on the big screen? Suddenly, they’re able to see themselves in the shoes of the fearless detective, trailing clues with stunning accuracy. If your child shows particular interest in movies around new topics, introduce books to them about those same subjects.

7. Make it a game

Got a competitive kid or a future class president on your hands? Testing out new book genres can make for an engaging game at home! Choose a wealth of genres, such as fiction, nonfiction, biographies, mysteries, and folklore, and challenge your gamer to read one book from every category each month. Or, even better, stick a giant bingo board on the wall and cross off the genres after your reader completes the book. Choose a special prize (themed according to the genre) to await them after the final page.

Route Their Literary Treasure Map with Literati Book Clubs

Convincing kids to explore new books is easy once you realize the unending reach of their visionary young minds. At this formative age, young readers want to soak up every captivating new subject. All they need is your guidance on where to look—with help from Literati. 

It’s never been simpler to map an enriching literary journey for your child. With Literati Kids Book Clubs, our team of experts curates books for your reader’s unique preferences, learning styles, and goals, and delivers them right to your door. With all the best genres of books for kids available, our quick personalization quiz is your first step to placing the power of learning straight into their hands.

Authored by Charlie DeTar
November 17, 2022


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